Saskatoon Dressage Club

Dressage in Saskatoon and the surrounding area

2022 AGM Minutes

Agenda: Saskatoon Dressage Club Annual General Meeting

January 30th, 2022

7:00 pm

Location: Virtual conference, ZOOM Meeting

Call to order: 7:05 pm


Sarah, Kim, Moira, Tina, Alexa,

Lola, Kyla & Felicity, Lisa, Celine, Jill 

Kathryn, Zoe, Sheryl, Erin, Christy

Sharon & Darlene

Moira not paid- no eft:

Minute taker- Sarah

2021 AGM minutes

Review: Minutes read by Tina.

Motion to accept made by Sarah

Seconded by Lisa- motion to amend dates to reflect that it was 2021

                  Seconded: Jill

No opposition- motion passed

Noted by Tina that memberships must be renewed immediately in order to vote.

President’s Report- Tina Solmes

Hosted Discover and GIAG.  Feedback was good.  Quite hot- started early.  Would have been nice to do better financially but had to purchase many prizes.  Fewer advanced riders, 2 para riders. Tanya did very well and got on the national team.  Jr attendance was low, wish it could have been better.  TIP program: discover- Celine Piche. GIAG: Cameron McCormick.  Tip applications submitted for 2022. 

High performance clinic with several SDC members: Tanya, Kim , Theresa, Bernice, Sabine, Jasmine, Trinity

SDC/RDDA co-hosted Stephen Clark at Prairieland. 

MAP and community clinic grants received.

Purchased raffle tickets.

  • motion to accept made by Lisa
  • seconded:  Alexa
  • none opposed: motion carried

Treasurer’s Report:  Sharon: noted she is no longer treasurer as asked to resign by board.

4 cheques not cashed.  Recipients received funds, not cleared through bank.  $617 extra to SDC.  Show profits: Discover $70.16 GIAG $365.87. $650 donated to Stephen Clark.  2022 SHF membership not renewed.

Trailer paid to Aug 2022.

No receipt for $80 to EC- show expenses

GL submitted to board and YE financial

Audit not required as income <$25K. 

  • motion to accept: Alexa
  • seconded: Kyla
  • motion to waive financial audit: Sarah
  • seconded: Lisa
  • None opposed: Motion carried

 Steven Clark Symposium Report – Kim King

Clinic Oct 8-10. SDC/RDDA/Cadora. Originally scheduled for 2021. Covid rules followed. Hosted at Prairieland Park. Good central venue for travellers staying down the road at the hotel there. 16 riders selected BC, AB, MB, SK. Participants gave a good review.  Had to shorten arena because it did not fit. Kim

Budget $8000, grants, private sponsors, online auction.  SDC/RDDA cash donations, volunteer power.  Profits to be donated back to clubs.  Jackie Prentice artwork for posters, bios,

Wine and cheese – educational credits.  Kim signed for 1 person- offered to sign for anyone else.  Saltaire Equestrian set up shop – only vendor.  Donated to online auction.  Vendors were not a focus.

Rides, followed by Q&A.  Variety lessons at all levels.  Tanya, int’l GP, youth, <25 GP rider. 40 participants Friday, 55-60 auditors Sat/Sun.  Lots of positive feedback.  Many regrets due to Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately no choice of dates provided by Cadora.  Thanks to volunteers from Regina and Saskatoon, clubs support. Overall success.  Sarah and Jasmine helped for 2 years.  

Surplus amounts not quite known yet due to invoicing delays.  Basically the same amount that club’s donated- $900 ea.  $193 owed to security, should be final expense.  Estimate $600 per club due to sponsorship and fundraising.

Election of Executive:

Clarification for Moira: address unknown.

Voting guidelines: poll is anonymous.  Reviewed positions avail.  Tina will not continue as president.

President: Term expired/ position eligible for election (2 year term)

Vice President: Entering year 2, not eligible for election (2 year term)

Treasurer: Resignation, eligible for election (1year term)

Secretary: Term expired/ position eligible for election (2 year term)

  • review of nominations submitted:

President: nominees are Kim King & Kyla Murch.  Questioned to see if there is any other interest- no response.

  • Sharon- questioned re voting. Tina explained polling.  No age restrictions.  Questions re the groups with 2 ppl sharing a screen.

Candidate statements:

  • Kyla: member for 7 years.  Active volunteer on most occasions. Goal to continue growing the club, advocate for youth, high performance. Host shows, clinics, events, fundraising.    
    • Kim: member since 2003.  Have been an active competitor and benefitted greatly, named as HP rider, funding from SHF.  Recently become executive member.  Observed the level of time and commitment put fourth by Sarah and Tina and observed the time required.  Right now is the time to give back, previously busy being a rider and competitor.  Not competing, not going to be showing, have the time.  Still would continue as VP so still involved.
    • Poll launched & corrected: 11 Kyla, 6 Kim    
    • Kyla is elected president.
    • Kim to remain as VP.


Kyla, Christy, and Alexa nominate Sharon:  Sharon accepted.  No vote required. Acclamation.


Jill, Cass, & Alexa:

Candidate statements:

                                    Jill:  newer member- last year first year.  Really enjoyed it- showed, clinic. Enthusiastic.  Looking for more involvement.  Meet more members, support, promote. 

                                    Cass: Very new to dressage.  Just got back into riding last year.  Competing this summer for the first time.  Happy to be a member at large as well.  Involved, grow club.

                                    Alexa: part of the club, part of board previously.   Prior VP, had to step down. Wants to help. Secretary easy to step into. Wants to do digital marketing, SDC could do better.

                                    Poll launched:  Alexa 12, Cass 3, Jill 2

Alexa will be treasurer.

Sarah motioned to have Jill and Cass stand as members at large. Seconded by Kyla.  Tina received an email from Kathryn Rupert that she would like to be a member at large.  Kyla nominated Lola as well.  Kim opted to resign her position due to conflict with current treasurer.

Alexa questioned whether Lola had any interest.

Jill happy to stay Member At Large.

Alexa to VP, Cass secretary was proposed.

Lisa suggested recall election for VP:

Alexa stands as only nomination.  Acclamation.

Cass secretary: Jill removed name from list as secretary.  Cass elected via acclamation.  

Jill, Lola, Kathryn Rupert to stand as Members at Large.

New Business:


Venue for 2022 Discover Dressage, Give It A Go, Saskatchewan Provincials

Officials: June 18/19 Discover Dressage: Ashley Fudge

July 2/3, 2022 GIAG: Rebecca Cade- Judge, Dr. Jackie Taylor- Steward

August 20/21, 2022: Provincials: Doreen Horsey- Judge, Dr. Jackie Taylor- Steward. Request from Kim to have a second judge. Kim wanted to panel judge with Doreen- she now holds a basic card and could gain experience judging with a senior.  Waive fee to club.  Benefit to athletes looking for additional scores for athlete assistance.

As part of Kim’s responsibilities she has booked and sent contracts to these officials. 

Poll for venue: Willow Ridge (B EIA facility), East Edge (A EIA facility)

No response from Prairie Star.

Discussion: 1 poll for all 3 events.  Tina proposed discover at 1 location, GIAG, Provincials. Many comments supporting the same facility for all 3.  Some support for using both facilities.  Support for spreading them out.  Support for a facility that supports a negative Coggin’s test.

Requested that notice of EHV go out sooner. Delays posting 2021 prize list due to uncertainty regarding COVID guidelines.

Polling: separate poll for each show re location.  All events to be located at East Edge.

Show secretary- no interest from the group.  Lisa still has the computer, printer, supplies and will pass on when necessary.  She enjoyed the learning experience, but she will not have the time to commit again this year.

Elect Show chair and committee: no interest.  Leave to the current board to decide.

TIP-applications for 2022 are sent it by Tina.

Raffle books: must purchase 5 books ($200).

                  Motion for the club to purchase raffle books made by Lisa

Seconded by Sharon

Motion passed.

Youth initiatives:

                  For young horses- senior judge- would be nice to host FEI young horse tests.

Other business:

Kim mentioned that the arena and trailer is at her place.  Lisa has keys, Tina has a set, Kim has a set. Kim requested someone please make arrangements to pick up the trailer in the spring.

Lisa has a binder of minutes from Krystl to pass along to Cass.

Lola thanked past board members for their support.


Lisa moved to adjourn: 8:55 pm.  Meeting adjourned.


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